Top 5 Reasons Why QUOINE'S ICO MISSION CONTROL is the Best ICO execution platform.

The boom of cryptocurrency has provided a lot of opportunities for both crypto investors, crypto enthusiast and companies. As of late cryptocurrency has been in the limelight of every news agencies around the world due to strict regulations set by some countries. But even with these negative news, the crypto related industry still stands firm and continue to provide projects or platform incorporating the blockchain technology. Thus, different ICO has pooped up lately to raise funds for their platform or projects.
What is an ICO? A lot of people might have missed the BTC and ETH Train but one good alternative would be investing in ICOs. ICOs are a risky alternative but once you hit the right platform to invest in, it would be time 5x to 10x gain for investors. So let's get to know more about ICOs or Initial Coin Offering.  ICOs are used to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency venture. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-rai…


"Health is Wealth", this is a very common phrase that we always hear which is related to getting fit and exercise. In recent decades, advancements in technology and exercise regiments have increased the life expectancy and general health of people around the world. However, problems are still encountered in getting healthy based on activities, cost and wealth still exist. The question here is..." How can we connect Cryptocurrency and Exercise?". That's what we will try to find out. Nowadays, a lot of Health, Fitness, and Wellness apps have been released. This is due to the boom and development of smartphone apps. The competition between Android and IOS based apps have created a big Industry around the world. While the crypto community has brought a lot of headlines in mainstream media, it also provided a lot of opportunities for different platforms to be created using the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology has already been integrated into different…


The cryptomarket have been in a slump since Q1 mid-April. This was brought about by the falling value of Bitcoin. It has brought shockwaves throughout the crypto markets which lowered the value and prices of altcoins. But one token took the dive and right now it's starting to regain its momentum. I'm talking about Qash. Let's have a quick overview of Qash and the platform LIQUID.

If we look at the chart(courtesy of coinmarketcap), We would see how Qash is doing in the Crypto market. So for starters, let learn more about Qash. QASH token is a multi-faceted token which is the main currency of the most anticipated crypto exchange of the crypto world, LIQUID PLATFORM. When I say multi-faceted, this means that it can be used as a universal token for QRYPTOS, QUOINEX, and LIQUID. Another feature of Qash is a utility token for all transaction within the LIQUID PLATFORM and a tradeable token.  LIQUID was created by the same company that brought us the exchange platforms: QRYPTOS …

Exciting facts about LIQUID exchange platform.

Exciting facts about LIQUID exchange platform. Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. It has become a worldwide phenomenon with both positive and negative feedbacks coming from the different business sectors. The large activity that goes into the cryptocurrency scape is focused on Trading. Trading holds a huge percentage of the reason why people are into cryptocurrency. Along with trading comes the crypto exchange market which has become a booming Industry for big companies.
One company that I want to focus on is QUOINE. It has become a household name for crypto trading. QUOINE boasts 3 trading platforms which have revolutionized the way people trade their cryptocurrency tokens. QUOINEX and CRYPTOS are the first two successful platforms that QUOINE has released in the market.
What excites me the most is the launching of its latest platform which will solve the LIQUIDITY problem of the crypto markets. This platform is called LIQUID. Before we talk more about LIQUID, let's try …


One of the greatest inventions of man is the automobile or cars. It has made people's lives easy and very comfortable. It is a big factor why all other industries have grown big and became profitable when we talk about transporting good and services. Aside from that, the car industry has boomed into a million dollar industry which makes constant changes to car models each month. This means that every month new car models are released right out of the factory which leaves a market for used or second-hand cars.

Over the course of time, the used car market has grown. There is a radical upward and downward trend for the prices and buyers of used cars. If we look behind the curtains of this used car sector, we will find a lot of loophole or problems. The question is, "Is there a solution to these problems?". That is where VINCHAIN comes into the picture. Before that let find out some of the problems this industry is facing.If we think about it the main of the puzzle for the us…


A lot has changed since BITCOIN was created and introduced publicly by Satoshi Nakamoto. The emergence of different platforms and altcoins have grown over the years. This has developed an increase in the crypto trading and exchange industry. One of the top exchanges exchange companies that have taken advantage of this boom is QOUINE. QUOINE has emerged as the best global fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next-generation financial services powered by blockchain technology.

QUOINE first introduced QOUINEX to the crypto space which boasts itself as the world's most advanced Exchange. After the success of QUOINEX, QUOINE released another product that can help the crypto space for both big and small investors thus, QRYPTOS was born. QRYPTOS focuses more on providing the safest exchange and trading platform for the ICO market.

Due to the success of these two exchange platforms, QUOINE hasn't stopped thinking of a product that will reshape the cryptocurrency market. …